Your Trading Freedom

Launch Your Own Hedge Fund

No running fees

Built-in protection for traders and users

Fair profit sharing model

Are you a successful trader? Multiply your profits with PMA!

Professional Master Account

is a special separate account to collect and manage other people's money

Verified performance

We track your performance and show metrics for your customers so they could make their own educated judgement about your trading.

Protected Strategy

You can select how much info about your trades and strategy will be available for the users, from a fully transparent log with the trades to mere metrics available to the public. Your choice.

Easy trading

Trade from one Master Account with the clear understanding of the funds under control and possible impact on the market.

Profit Sharing Model

As a manager, you can set your own level of the rewards up to 50% from your account profits. No hidden fees.

Protected Account

There is no way for the manager to withdraw managed funds from PMA. Users can be sure that their coins and tokens are safe and can only be used for trading. Only users can withdraw their part of the funds.

Protected Trading

As a manager, you specify the coins you wish to use in your trading, and also some other parameters reducing the risks for the users. For example, you can limit your account to BTC and ETH trades so users can be sure they will not end up with a bunch of shitcoins. This function increases users' trust.

Designed To Be The Best

Here at we have no tolerance for scammers trying to get money for nothing. We have years of experience in the area of the investments and financial management and have clear understanding of how to protect users from scam. Our aim is to build the most protected system for the users, allowing profitable traders to multiply their trading income. This comes with the price of restrictions system, similar to the hedge fund's regulation. This approach will always be our main priority and as a manager you will find such restrictions reasonable and even helpful, as you can clearly disclose what level of risk your customers will be exposed to, and the system will guide you to stay within the limits.

Native 50x50 links

You can use 50x50 partnership programto get more users for your PMA. Just specify a percentage of your profits you wish to give away to the partners involved, and it will be processed automatically by the system upon a reward distribution event.
Let professional 50x50 partners to do the job for you so you can focus on trading.

System Promotion

We will list your account among other PMAs with key metrics. Users seeking managers can easily find you in the system. Just make sure you are good at trading.

Bots Are Welcome has no restrictions on trading bots. Connect your trading bots to the system via and raise your profits with PMA system!

Launch Your Business Today!

Start building your track record today. More history gives more trust.
With the confirmed performance you can start attracting users immediately after the launch of the PMA system.

Start proving your skills now and be the first to appear in the 'Managers' section of the 50x Platform right after the start of the PMA module.